My Story

Hello and welcome! My name is Dana and I am an independent consultant for Tri Nature Products.

I started using the products in 2014 after purchasing at a local market. After buying the starter pack I threw it in the cupboard and thought to myself, “These won’t work.. surely?”

A while later; I got the products out and used them – and wow was I wrong. I started with the Sphagnum Moss Disinfectant Spray. It was the smell that reeled me in – I could just about drink it! And you know what, if I did it wouldn’t hurt me!

The more I use the products the more I learn and appreciate how much safer they are for my whole family.

Tri Nature products are nontoxic, eco-friendly and family safe: We want to help you rid toxins from your home, save you money and more importantly save you time!

We have options for delivery for anyone living in Australia

Have a browse and let me know if you have any questions.