Become a Trinature Distributor

How to Make Money With Tri Nature

People generally join Tri Nature for 3 reasons:

  1. To get their products cheaper or for free
  1. To make some extra cash for a holiday, school fees or to help with the weekly bills
  1. To create a business and make $5,000+ per month.

Some of the wonderful things about Tri Nature include that the products are ALL Australian, made from naturally sourced ingredients and are extremely economical.

In 2011, and again in 2014, Tri Nature won the Australian Business Award for the best Eco product with our Laundry Powder and in 2013  they won the award for the best Eco product with the Dishwasher Powder. Tri Nature were the first company in Australia to have phosphate and nitrate free powders and have continued to research and develop the best possible ingredients to use in all products since.

By getting a membership with Tri Nature ($57 for the first year and $27.50 each year after that), you also get the option to try 36 of the products and save hundreds of dollars. As a one off, you can order each of the 6 joining packs for just $70 each. They are worth between $100 and over $200 each. You can order them one at a time or a few at a time or all at once with your joining order. Whatever suits your budget.

There are no requirements to order monthly…and no limit to how big or small your order is. So at the very least, you will save on your household items, even if you don’t sell anything. If you decide you don’t want to be a member anymore, you simply don’t pay the renewal fee the following year.

I am a big part of the fastest growing team in the business.  If you join, I work with you, there’s the group training calls and then there’s additional one on one support from myself or my upline if you want it. So lots of help to get you up and running and build a business or earn extra income if that’s the way you want to go with the business.

As a member, you get an upfront discount of 25% off the products. You buy them at wholesale and then sell at RRP and keep the profit. It is possible to sell first and buy later if that’s what your budget requires.

Once you spend over a certain amount per month, you also trigger an extra discount of up to an additional 22%.  This is paid back to you monthly, the following month as a credit on your account or as cash into your bank account.

If you purchase products when they are special, you can end up getting up to 70% off the RRP so that’s a pretty decent margin! And then you earn commission on your team’s sales as well.

As far as sales options go, you can do party plan if you are interested in that, and that can be the quickest way to earn money. Otherwise, you can sell at markets, fundraisers and school fairs. You can approach boutique retailers to stock the products and earn a margin on their sales.

There is a special account type available for businesses who want to use the products for cleaning and you can earn commission on their purchases.

Additionally you earn commission on sales from anyone who joins under you.  You can also sell over the internet and through Facebook.

There are lots of ways to retail products to people that are non-pushy that we can teach you so people to come to you. All that sort of material is designed already so you don’t need to do it yourself but we always welcome new ideas.

There’s no requirement to approach family and friends, although most distributors end up doing just that because they want to share the products. Although the company has been around since 1989, Tri Nature is a young direct sales business and there are not many active distributors so there’s lots of opportunity.

If you are wanting more information we are holding Information Webinars alternating between day and evening sessions every Monday 10:30am (WA time) or 6pm (WA time) through ZOOM. These are an informal way of finding out how the business side works. If you would like to join and find out when the next one is on please don’t hesitate to ask!

Details on how to join the call is below

I absolutely LOVE the products and I love this business. I genuinely haven’t found anything else as good as these products. They have made a big difference in my life and my family as well as that of my customers and my team. And the business really is easy to do if you are passionate and consistent.

If this sounds like something you want to do, please fill in your details below and I will get in touch to have a no obligation chat and determine whether this is right for you.