Stable Xtra


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  • 5kg Bucket
  • 10kg Bag
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Reducing Respiratory Stress in Horses.

Stable Xtra is a natural and safe alternative to traditional ammonia absorbing substances such as lime. Made from extra fine Crystalline Alumino-Silicate, an ancient mineral that is highly efficient at trapping moisture and ammonia within tiny micro-channels.

Stable Xtra can absorb up to 35% its own mass in toxic gasses and moisture. Designed to be used with existing bedding, Stable Xtra is an innovative stable management solution with a great range of applications.

100% Safe – Non toxic and does not irritate the skin, mucous membranes or respiratory system.

Does not dry or crack hooves.

Reduces stable cleaning time and volume of bedding used.

Cost effective – save $ on bedding and vet bills.

Can be used to safely absorb ammonia and excess moisture in chicken pens, cat litter trays, dog kennels and high traffic areas.

Excellent fertiliser – place used Stable Xtra on garden beds as slow release fertiliser.

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Stable Xtra

5kg Bucket, 10kg Bag